Own Symbaloo for your business

With your Symbaloo PRO account, you have your own Symbaloo PRO on the internet. This is free and allows you to establish the needs of your team, customers or partners.

Users do not need to log

In order to make use of your Symbaloo PRO account, users do not need to have an account or log in. By browsing the URL of your Symbaloo PRO account, anyone can use it directly. 

Web filtering

Certain websites or content are easy to block through your Symbaloo PRO account Control Panel.

IP Blocking

Blocking IP addresses from viewing your Symbaloo PRO account. It is possible that your Symbaloo PRO account can only be viewed within the walls of your organization.


Your Symbaloo PRO account comes with an online course that explains Symbaloo functions to users.


There can be 250 users set in the control panel who can all be active at the same time.