Can I use Symbaloo PRO with programs and files on my computer?

Unfortunately this is not possible due to security restrictions in the web browser. It is possible to access from a web environment or cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive .

Can I try Symbaloo PRO for my business before subscribing to it?

Yes. Because we understand that the introduction of a new product within your organization or team needs time, there is a trial period of one month. Once you decide to move forward with your Symbaloo PRO account, you can request a voucher code for an additional 2 months free before you are invoiced for your Symbaloo PRO account.

I already have a Symbaloo account. Can I transfer it to my Symbaloo PRO?

Of course! When creating your Symbaloo PRO account you can indicate that you already have an account and Symbaloo and would like to copy this to your Symbaloo PRO account. Your free Symbaloo account will remain and the information will be copied into your new Pro Symbaloo account. Even if you do not want to keep your Symbaloo PRO account, the settings and content of the free Symbaloo account will remain in the free account..

How can I protect my Symbaloo PRO account?

Your Symbaloo PRO account is secured in several ways. First it is secured via IP blocking. Specify the IP addresses your Symbaloo PRO account may or may not be accessed through. In addition, it is possible to access your Symbaloo PRO account only through a specified account. These accounts you can create yourself as an administrator allowing only one user editing and deleting capabilities. This feature is only available upon request.

Am I fully in control of what I put on my Symbaloo PRO account?

Yes, as manager of your Symbaloo PRO account, you are free to decide what websites, tabs and backgrounds you add to your Symbaloo PRO account.

Can users of my Symbaloo PRO account edit it?

That depends entirely on your settings. Your Symbaloo PRO account is set so that users do not have permission to change anything in your Symbaloo PRO account but, as an administrator you can change the settings and allow your users to edit information.

Can I use my Symbaloo PRO account on an smartphone or a tablet?

Your Symbaloo PRO account can be accessed on any iPad, Android tablet or Windows Surface. Just visit your Symbaloo PRO account through your browser and it will automatically convert to the tablet version. For smartphones, we have an iPhone & Android app which allows users to log in and access their account.

Will I lose all my tabs and tiles if I cancel my Symbaloo PRO account?

No, if you cancel your Symbaloo PRO account it is possible to convert to a regular Symbaloo account. All of your tabs and tiles will be copied over to your regular Symbaloo account.

Will I lose my subdomain if I cancel my Symbaloo PRO account?

Yes. If you do not want to continue your Symbaloo PRO account subscription the subdomain (URL) where your Symbaloo PRO account is actively access will be removed over time.